Unsecured Business Loans For Every Industry

Unsecured Business Loans

Our last several posts have focused on loans for the restaurant industry. We’ve written about business term loans, business lines of credit and business cash advance or merchant cash advance as popular programs for quick business loans. (Restaurant Loan Options)

One of the reasons we focused on funding restaurants is because restaurants typically require unsecured working capital loans. They may have real estate and some equipment, and we can certainly help with those financing needs. But restaurants are overwhelmingly cash businesses.

The same unsecured business loan programs are available for other industries as well. As long as your business has revenue, we can help you leverage the revenue for quick cash for your business.

Restaurants, retail shops, medical practices, auto repair, and construction are all industries we have great familiarity with. We also have experience with more niche industries including charter flight companies, commercial unloading or lumping companies, and limo companies.

We offer our expertise to customize an unsecured business loan program that fits within your margins and cash flow needs. When you work with Central Capital Group, our network of banks and private lending institutions is opened up to you. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with your local bank and you need a quick business loan, speak with one of our experienced finance specialists.

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