IRS Tax Compliance

Well folks it’s tax season again and we would be remiss not to mention the various challenges and pitfalls that businesses often find themselves in when it comes to the Internal Revenue Service. Quarterly filings, estimated tax payments, payroll deductions are just a few of the many clerical aspects of operating a business. The paperwork can be cumbersome and the payments difficult to stay on top of, but it is essential to stay on top of these items in order to maintain the health of your business. We discussed in a previous post that Central Capital Group can help businesses acquire financing, even if there is a tax lien. Central Capital Group can provide you with working capital or a business line of credit to draw down on as needed. We also partner with the acclaimed J&M Tax Associates (A+ rating with the BBB) to provide additional support and guidance to ensure your compliance. In many cases they are able to negotiate down your tax debt to pennies on the dollar and ensure that you remain compliant. Fill out the form below to learn more about how Central Capital Group can provide financing for your business.

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